A lot was going on at Arbor Autopsy in the last few months; we apologize for the lack of updates.

A few one-of-a-kind bowls were added to the Etsy store this morning, and in the next couple days one of our newer products, Provari stands will be added along with some other accesories for your advanced e-cigarettes. Thanks for sticking with us!


More photos added, the menu's revamped, & we finished the infrastructure of the gallery. The individual pages aren't up yet, but they're not too far off. There's also a sneak peak at the next 2 pen styles that will be released in the next week, the Elite, the Bolt Action & it's little brother, the Mini-Bolt. Thanks for visiting!


Get Hexed with the latest addition to our line of fine writing instruments, the clickable Hex pen. More info on our RSS feed. Available now in the Etsy store.

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Arbor Autopsy is a small woodturning shop located in SouthWestern Montana, specializing in hand turned Tap Handles, Bottle Stoppers and various other woodturned items made from both the finest domestic woods as well as astonishing exotic species from around the world.
Currently our products are available from the fine folks at Nikobrew and through our shop at Etsy.com. Click the Nikobrew or Etsy logo at the bottom of any page to begin shopping in a new window/tab. Thanks for visiting!